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Massage Therapist

in Carrollton

massage therapyCarrolton’s best massage therapy can be found at Genesis Health MD where massage therapy protocols are tailored to meet the patient’s unique condition and goals. Massage therapy helps to eliminate toxins that have been accumulated in the muscles, increase blood circulation, increase flexibility, improve balance, and help with high blood pressure as well as other conditions.

Massage therapy complements chiropractic care. Coupled with chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy can help to relieve musculoskeletal stress and pain and used as a natural means to promote healthy body function.

Benefits of Neuromuscular Massage

  • Sore muscle relief
  • Relief of tension and headaches
  • Revitalization
  • Reduced stress and improved well-being
  • Increased circulation and decreased swelling
  • Relaxation of muscles and reduction of trigger point referral pain
  • Increased range of motion and injury recovery
  • Boost to the immune system

Massage Therapy

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